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City Centre Car Care Case Study

LED lighting provides workable efficiencies


9 x Twin 100w T12 suspended batten with reflector
46 x Twin 70w T8 suspended batten with reflector
12 x Twin 58w T8 suspended batten with reflector

Total Load 30302 kWh per year


41x 68w LED Hi Bays

Total Load 8865 kWh per year


City Centre Car Care Company in Birmingham is an approved body shop and paintwork refinisher for Aston Martin, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi and many more. Flick Solutions were invited to offer a three way solution to Car Cares lighting improvements. Our aim was to enhance lighting levels, lower maintenance costs and reduce the overall energy consumption of the company. Existing lighting consisted of a mixture of 100w T12, 70w T8 and 58w T8 fixtures.


The solution offered to enhance the lighting levels used a 68w LED Hi-Bay. Tridonic boards were used offering up to 123lm/W combined with Tridonic industry DALI drivers, benefiting from 100,000 hours lifetime. Various colour temperature options were offered and because of the stringent levels of quality required by the body shop, a CRI 9+ and 6000+ kelvin colour was used. Maintenance for the company has now been reduced to zero with an extended 5 year on site warranty, with an option to increase the warranty package to 8 years. Total lighting loads were down 70% by removing 67 luminaires and replacing them with 41 of the 68w LED Hi-bays.


On completion of the project City Centre Car Care Company concluded, ‘Flick Solutions not only offered a complete package, project specific to our requirements, the professionally and systematically worked around a very busy site and accomplished all targets ahead of schedule, with no fuss. The levels achieved and the quality of light have surpassed even my high expectations. I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the installation. We have now been provided with an excellent and professional setting to work from. What also made this project effective and the reason we went with Flick was there ability to offer a high quality LED source offering a high CRI 9+ colour rendering with a 6000+ daylight colour temperature. The processes endured from start to finish require a high level of quality control. We are now able to carry out these inspections at any point within the building, reducing time moving cars around to specific points. The overall quality of light has not only improved the working environment but has also increased productivity.’

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