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Case Studies Overview

Industrial:Industrial Icon
To meet the requirements of modern day warehouse, manufacturing and logistics facilities, and to provide low cost working environments, low energy and maintenance free solutions are required. Through our range of highly efficient LED lighting we are not only able to meet these requirements but also provide well illuminated areas improving productivity and general well being.
Education:Education Icon
The single greatest consumer of energy within a school building is lighting. Providing LED lighting to reduce loads is the key, however due to the low burning hours, savings can be limited. Lighting controls can offer greater savings, specifically in areas that are under utilised. To put it simply, lighting that is switched off requires no energy.
Commercial:Commercial Icon
Our complete range of recessed, surface and suspended LED lighting combined with office controls, making use of daylight enables us to provide lighting schemes that deliver stimulating, productive and glare free environments. Not only do we achieve better EPC ratings but also a more sustainable, high performing environment.
Retail:Retail Icon
To engage customers, stimulate experiences and drive sales, lighting has become a key component for complete retail therapy. Reduction in energy is key, however it is not necessarily the main focus, our in house capabilities allow us to design project specific programmes around bespoke fixtures to allow the end user to continue to trade whilst improving the overall environment.
Healthcare:Healthcare Icon
Delivering the lowest possible energy solutions whilst considering a range of environments is key to providing a package that suits the needs of patients, staff and visitors. Our experience and hands on approach enables us to work closely with the end user in moving forward providing an energy package specific to requirements.
Local Authority:Local Authority Icon
With a vast portfolio of varying properties, and in many cases limited budgets, Local Authorities are sometimes unaware of the savings and capital available to them. Through site surveys we are able identify key areas for development and help in providing turnkey solutions.