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Energy bills for commercial and industrial users are forecast to rise by 20-25% from 2011 to 2020 according to recent surveys. We are focused on making sure that these increases do not have a negative effect on your business.

As part of our commitment and with our experienced team we are able to provide a complete solution through very innovative technology that enables us to tailor every project to you individual needs.

We start with an initial free site survey and consultancy that explores and evaluates every aspect of your business, highlighting keys areas where savings can be made. Following this we will demonstrate savings and provide various options to access funding via grants or finance if required.

If energy analysis is require, we monitor and measure your energy via an exceptional platform where we are able to show you where and when you are spending money on energy. This platform allows you to identify energy savings and save money by making informed decisions and by encouraging positive behavioural changes within your organisation. Following a trial period we make recommendations based on real-time data.

Our in house contracting team will assess your existing lighting layout and will look to install the new energy saving solution with minimum disruption to your day to day activities. Once installed we will maintain sites for a 5 year period, providing the comfort and ease of a maintenance free solution.